Goliath Grouper Aggregation

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HD video I shot of a Goliath Grouper aggregation on a wreck in the Gulf of Mexico. For this, I used an unmanned camera place at the base of the wreck that ran for over two hours. A diver enters the frame at the right at timecode 26;20;00, showing these relative size of these massive...

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Squid close-up in HD

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I captured some nice close-up video of this squid hovering in the current off West Palm Beach Florida in late July 2010. My buoyancy skills paid off in getting this...

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Squalls from TD5 reach SW FL – Aug 11, 2010

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Heavy squalls around 8am at Siesta Key beach in Sarasota FL from tropical depression #5.   Heavy rain and winds gusting to near tropical storm force as bands from TD5 reach the coast of SW...

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Crawler lightning over Siesta Key beach at dusk - Aug 9,2010 from Brian Dombrowski on Vimeo.

Siesta Key Crawler Lightning – Aug 9, 2010

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Crawler lightning over Siesta Key beach at dusk – Aug 9,2010 from Brian Dombrowski on...

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Subsurface Media is a provider of stock footage, images, and contract underwater video and photography services. Subsurface Media is a venture of Creative Heads, Inc. of Sarasota Florida. Creative Heads, Inc. DBA Subsurface Media.

Brian Dombrowski is a passionate diver and photographer from Sarasota Florida. Brian first started diving with a camera in 1989. Since then, he’s made hundreds of dives using film and digital media to capture the natural history of Florida’s coastal waters, Florida’s underwater caverns,  the Dry Tortugas, the Caribbean, and the Yucatan. “I can’t remember the last time I made a dive without taking some kind of camera with me.” says Brian.

Brian’s video has appeared numerous times on news networks such as CNN,  CBS, TWC, FOX,  and ABC.  His footage has been licensed for use in productions for Nat Geo, PBS, Planet Green, The Weather Channel, Sunshine Network, Outdoor Life Network, Florida Aquarium, Mote Marine, Denver Museum of Nature and Science, and numerous corporate videos.

Brian is a certified IANTD closed circuit rebreather diver and dives the OptimaFx CCR. Brian lives in Sarasota Florida with his water loving wife Robyn and diving daughter Dara.


Stock Footage

We have a continuously growing collection of broadcast quality underwater and top-side stock video in both 4:3 standard definition and native high definition 16:9 formats. Our underwater library contains everything from Goliath Grouper, WWII shipwrecks, sunken ammunition, ROVs, sharks, snook, barracudas, cenotes, cave diving, etc. Our top-side library ranges from beach lifestyle scenes, coastal weather events, hurricanes, lightning, baby sea turtle hatches, red tide, fish kills, erosion, and more. All footage is available for licensed use at competitive rates.

DiveIn360.com is a project of Brian Dombrowski, a creative inventor, diver and photographer from Sarasota Florida. Brian was the first to shoot and publish 360 interactive underwater video in 2012 using a self-designed, custom built underwater camera array.  “In early 2012, we wanted to be the first to shoot 360 video underwater in HD, and since no gear existed to do this, we set out to build our own rig.”, says Brian. “We shot first in the Dry Tortugas, then moved on to shoot the USS Vandenberg, the USS Mohawk, and numerous other sites of interest around Florida”.

Until recently, interactive 360 video required Adobe Flash for online playback.  However, with the evolution of WebGL, and now YouTube’s support of 360 video,  immersive VR video content is available at scale on mobile devices free of Flash plugins. The fully responsive VR experience of YouTube 360 on Android devices is amazing.   Facebook is expected to announce a consumer VR product based off Oculus soon. Expectations are the demand for 360 VR video content across the spectrum of use cases will be explosive.

If you are interested in producing HD 360 imagery of your event or venue,  either above or below water, contact Brian.


Stock Marine Photography

Looking for stock underwater and topside still images? We have a unique library of still images available for licensed use. Prices vary depending on use to fit a wide range of projects and budgets.

Please contact us directly if you are interested in stock video or images or have a custom shot request.

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