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Live Mobile Video Feed

I now have capabilities to stream quality live wireless ENG mobile video on foot.  My stream is served through and can be seen there or on my Live page.  If you are a media outlet and want to license my live content, I can provide a link and access...

01.28.11 | Comments 0

Squalls from TD5 reach SW FL – Aug 11, 2010

20100811a_SSM_HD_TD5_Squalls_mHeavy squalls around 8am at Siesta Key beach in Sarasota FL from tropical depression #5.   Heavy rain and winds gusting to near tropical storm force as bands from TD5 reach the coast of SW...

08.11.10 | Comments 0

Stellar Conditions in TER, July 2010

Back from another trip in the Tortugas Ecological Reserve. Vis was consistently above 80ft with a fresh current and cool temps only in the 70s below 40ft. Quite suprised as surface temps were in the mid to upper 80s. Life was bustling and the lobsters are out and...

07.24.10 | Comments 0

Oil Spill

My original idea to modify the leaky LMRP cap. Just food for thought. Not claiming it would work....

06.5.10 | Comments 0

Conditions in the Dry Tortugas, May 22, 2010

videostill3Video I shot in the far west part of the FL Keys NMS last week. So far so good. Actually some of the best visibility I’ve seen in 10 years diving the far west Tortugas reefs. I hope it stays that...

05.30.10 | Comments 0

New Manatee Footage in HD

Just finished shooting new manatee footage in HD. We lost 350 of them to the severe cold conditions during the winter. A manatee towing a satellite tracking buoy approached me numerous times out of her own curiosity. I think she was wondering why I wasn’t yelling and running around on...

03.30.10 | Comments 0

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